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The Heavy-lift Endurance drone

Telelift, designed from the outset for tethered applications, excels in endurance, power, and flexibility. Initially conceived for telecommunications tasks, it is engineered to effortlessly handle multi-day operations and substantial payloads.


  • High payload capability, up to 10kg

  • Highly customisable: Compatible with standarms comms and ISR packages. Adaptable for special projects

  • Ultra-portable

  • Easy to Operate

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

  • Hard-wired downlink: Configurable with un-jammable comms immune to interference and enabling secure data transfer up to 10Gbps


  • Payload: 10KG payload capacity

  • 24-hour flight capability

  • Configurable for 1500hr continuous operations

  • Ships with RTK-GPS based guidance systems



​Telelift can elevate radios up to 100 meters within minutes, providing an economical and scalable method for establishing a robust communications infrastructure

Emergency Response

Telelift offers unparalleled overwatch capabilities and extends communication reach, significantly enhancing the efficiency and situational awareness of responders.

Security and safety

Telelift enables security teams to maintain a continuous overview of extensive areas and events. Thanks to Telelift's high payload capacity, sophisticated sensors can be utilized, offering unparalleled data quality and insights.​

Film and Coverage

Media teams no longer need to worry about missing the shot with uninterrupted flights

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