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About us

Ethereal Connectivity emerged from the combined expertise of Isidore and the renowned US tethered drone company, Spooky Action. Our foundation is built on addressing the limitations of traditional drone technology. Our focus is clear: to provide extended flight durations and enhanced connectivity, eliminating the common challenges faced in the drone industry.

We're based in Brisbane, and we're proud of what we've built with Ethereal. Our tethered systems are designed to be practical, efficient, and reliable. Our team has a solid background in avionics, engineering and communications and they've poured that knowledge into Ethereal.

With a growing presence in the US and Australia, we're excited about the future. Ethereal is here to make drones more useful and accessible for everyone.



At Ethereal, our mission is to make the most out of drones. We aim to solve real-world problems, improve connectivity, and push the limits of what drones can do for us every day.

The Team

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